Palamatic: Over 35 years of developing Lifting and Handling Solutions

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Melanie Archbould, Managing Director, PalamaticMelanie Archbould, Managing Director
Although logistics and material handling industries are embracing digital transformation, businesses continually struggle with traditional challenges such as rising labour costs, material management and issues in productivity. But, safety remains the foremost challenge that companies face in these sectors. With inadequate safety training for forklift operations, poor standards of handling loads and safety protocols for workers are inevitable. When working at great heights accidents occur leading to rising fatalities. To avoid these incidents, businesses look to partner with material handling companies to take care of their logistics. While the market has a multitude of companies that offer support for material handling, there is one firm — Palamatic—that stands out in its ability to solve clients’ material lifting and handling challenges through its portfolio of materials handling equipment.

Experts in all aspects of material handling, Palamatic has developed complex and robust lifting and material handling solutions. “Our goal is to continually innovate to improve materials handling solutions through cutting-edge technology,” says Melanie Archbould, Managing Director of Palamatic.

With innovation at its core, the company aims to provide equipment that not only ensures the safety of both the operator and end product but also helps reach the standards of controlled environments. Palamatic manufactures vacuum tube lifting systems for both industrial and cleanroom environments (eg. food and dairy, pharmaceutical). While the industrial vacuum tube lifters give rapid and fluid natural movement like no other, its counterpart stops contamination of food and dairy products. Alongside the hygienic lifting systems, the firm has a complete product range of lifting and handling equipment for raw material handling and end of line packaging. Palamatic also manufactures crane systems that are suitable for coverage of large working areas and are ideal for light to heavy operations.

Palamatic is well known for its solutions that are focussed on delivering lift-assists for cryo technology used in bio-tech drug manufacturing and transportation.

Our goal is to innovate to improve material handling solutions through cutting-edge technology continually

At Palamatic, ensuring customer satisfaction through best-in-class services and support is of paramount importance. Considering that, the firm follows a collaborative approach to onboard clients. The team at Palamatic first enquires about the customers’ challenges and requirements to understand how they operate. Following that, the team moves forward to develop solutions starting with prototype development. “With prototypes, we offer customers the choice to test them in their facilities and get their operators on board with them,” adds Melanie. The firm will install the new solution and train the operators about the features and controls. The firm follows it up with post-implementation support for customers to ensure that they get help whenever required. To provide services globally, Palamatic has entered into partnerships with companies capable of meeting the firm's high service standards. “We aim to make meaningful, long-term relationships with clients through our services,” says Melanie.

Over the past thirty-five years, Palamatic has worked with a broad spectrum of manufacturing businesses from pharma to industrial wood handling. The experience across these varied sectors has helped the firm develop a diverse product range to mitigate customers’ problems. It also operates in the rubber tire industry, where companies face challenges in handling the high volumes of rubber bales. The big pallet of rubber bales often tends to stick together and requires a lot of hard work from the workers to sort them out. Palamatic has developed solutions for the workers to cut down on the back-breaking manual process of sorting rubber bales round the clock. With such capabilities, Palamatic has come a long way in the material handling segment over the years.

In the future, Palamatic aims to skyrocket its digital presence to provide better remote customer service. The firm also sees potential in the biotech sector and strives to invest and develop solutions for the industry. Further, Palamatic looks forward to fuelling its worldwide expansion plans and building its presence in the US.

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Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Melanie Archbould, Managing Director

Palamatic manufactures vacuum tube lifters, industrial manipulators, pneumatic hoists and engineers unique customer solutions