TriEnda: Delivering Industry-Leading Cargo Protection Solutions

TriEnda: Delivering Industry-Leading Cargo Protection Solutions

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Nate Franck, VP of Sales & Marketing, TriEndaNate Franck, VP of Sales & Marketing
Today’s logistics coordinators, supply chain managers, and operations managers actively seek improved ways to transport products and goods safely. TriEnda LLC meets this need with its advanced custom cargo protection systems for rail, truck, and intermodal freight transport that are designed to decrease in-transit load shift and reduce product damage.

This bottom line-boosting offering of innovative protective systems and custom material handling solutions includes heavy-gauge, reusable plastic pallets and shipping containers. From design and engineering to prototyping and production, TriEnda helps self-pelletized markets, including automotive, agriculture, government, grocery, and food and beverage move product efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Cargo Protect+ is one of TriEnda’s f lagship brands of cargo protection solutions. “Cargo Protect+ has many attributes that make it a top material handling solution on the market today,” says Nate Franck, TriEnda’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “Cargo Protect+ not only protects in-transit cargo exceedingly well, but it is also lightweight, easy to handle, and takes up less space than other options. These benefits ultimately help our clients save more money per load.”

TriEnda partially attributes the success of Cargo Protect+ to the unprecedented level of expertise among its diverse team of industry-leading engineers. They combine their vastin-house wealth of knowledge with the latest technologies to thoroughly evaluate transportation situations and then design inventive reusable load-optimizing solutions. “TriEnda’s engineers not only look at the entire logistics process and design cutting edge pallets, packs, and transport trays, but also protective solutions for the inside of a truck or railcar to ensure total cargo protection,” mentions Franck.

On custom projects, TriEnda’s team of expert engineers and new product developers work closely with their clients.

Beyond cargo protection: TriEnda partners with clients to deliver solutions to optimally handle and transport a wide range of cargo

“While we have a large selection of material handling solutions in stock, we have the team and f lexibility to customize products and can deliver small, precise runs based on our client’s need,” states Franck. “TriEnda also has the manufacturingprowess to complete large production runs and the capacity to produce large-sized products.”

TriEnda’s custom, solution-driven capabilities are exemplified bytheproject completed for one of the nation’s largest beverage manufacturers that would eventually lead to the rollout of Cargo Protect+. This manufacturer sought a solution to optimally transport bottles and cans from its warehouses to its distributors with carefully packed beds and railcars.

TriEnda’s client successfully tested the engineering concept behind Cargo Protect+ with the stated goal to curb both environmental waste and reduce operating expenses. The results were strong: $8 million in operating savings, more efficient product transport, a 60% reduction in damaged loads, a positive impact on the environment with the elimination of nearly 7,700 tons of solid waste each year, plus a 25% reduction of recordable injuries. Now that Cargo Protect+ is widely available, other companies have the opportunity to experience similar outcomes.

In addition to providing cargo protection systems for damage reduction, TriEnda continues to tap into leading systems and technologies to deliver the best service and solutions on the market. For instance, new product developments on the horizon include a Bulk Bag Pallet, Small Delivery Pallet, and Load Locker plastic stacking board. A recent investment in a new ERP system will enable quick and accurate project quotes. And its 3D processing and scanners, as well as virtual and augmented reality will help them stay ahead of the competition in the material handling industry.

With a growing European customer base, TriEnda’s U.S. and Mexico production facilities provide optimum f lexibility and ensure timely product delivery to customers around the world. From both a local and global perspective, there is a bright future ahead for the innovative and customer-focused team at TriEnda.

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Portage, WI

Nate Franck, VP of Sales & Marketing

Founded in 1975, award-winning TriEnda is known for its innovative protective systems and custom products and specializes in heavy-gauge, reusable plastic pallets and shipping containers for material handling and packaging industries. From prototype to production, the company serves diverse self-palletized markets, including automotive, agriculture, government, grocery, and food and beverage