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Top 10 Material Handling System Solution Companies - 2021

Material handling requirements, technologies, and best practices are progressing rapidly-going far beyond distribution centers and warehouses, factories, and retail backrooms into temporary stores and even pop-up warehouses. During the past year, as a result of prosperous e-commerce order fulfillment demands, everything from increased automation and warehouse labor shortages to changing customer taste, and shipping expectations affected material handling efforts. These compressions have forced companies to continue to adjust their warehouse, distribution center, and in-store fulfillment and materials handling strategies, as retailers picked, packed, and shipped thousands of online orders.

On the other hand, the expanding e-commerce industry is establishing a demand for a flexible supply chain. E-commerce companies require third-party logistics and warehousing organizations to harmonize their supply chain with market fluctuations. Accordingly, the material handling industry has to build tailored equipment and systems that can make day-today operations more pliant. They are now producing engineered systems, remotely trackable transport vehicles, and smart warehousing systems to furnish real-time visibility and superior consumer experiences. This trend will continue as the demand for flexible supply chains will keep growing. In a bit to create flexible supply chains, the material handling industry has to switch its focus from mechanical to computer-controlled equipment and systems.

Further, one of the most critical components of this transition is the utilization of Big Data. These systems can bring information-driven decisions based on real-time data and develop the resources accordingly. Similarly, Big Data will also play a major role in analyzing production schedules and establishing the optimal downtime for maintenance. Predictive analytics based on Big Data can, therefore, help boost the performance of material handling equipment. Over the years, automation has played a significant role in supporting businesses to meet the growing consumer demand while keeping the production and logistics costs down, and it remains the core of flexible supply chains and manufacturing systems.

Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the material handling system solution providers industry. We hope this issue of the Logistics Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Material Handling System Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Material Handling System Companies

  • Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP) has been a critical provider of highly safe and reliable aerial work platforms along with material handling equipment for varied industries and applications.One of their flagship products, the E-Z Climber, isan indispensable partner for job site workers moving heavy or bulky objects. It is an innovative stair climbing load carrier that transports all types of items up and down stairs and across uneven slopes. Additionally, the company is about to introduce a new ‘low-level access’ product that will empower workers to ride in a self-propelled elevating unit and safely perform aerial work without any hassle


  • Delivers solutions that improve warehouse design and operations with their innovative material handling solutions


  • DCS was founded in 1982, and has grown to serve major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling, full-scale warehouse operations and conveyor design solutions that are custom crafted for their need


  • Magline boasts of an extensive product portfolio that consists of a wide range of trucks, carts, and dollies, with over 4,000,000 possible configurations, that help businesses transport materials more safely and efficiently. Magline has always been regarded as a pioneer of durable and cutting-edge material handling equipment. Magline has an extensive range of products, including their flagship lightweight aluminum Magliner® hand trucks and GEMINI® convertible hand trucks, as well as many other items including u-boats, pallet dollies, platform trucks and stackers/positioners. Magline allows clients to design or customize the equipment—be it a hand truck, cart, or dolly—that fits their application needs. And to make that possible at scale, Magline employs an esteemed team of engineers, designers, procurement specialists, fabricators, assembly technicians, and logistics and quality excellence personnel, helping clients perfect the solution according to the requirement


  • Palamatic manufactures vacuum tube lifters, industrial manipulators, pneumatic hoists and engineers unique customer solutions


  • PULSE Integration, a WEPCO company based in Pittston PA provides clients with scalable engineered solutions


  • UniMove Vacuum Lifters offers vacuum lifting equipment for a wide variety of lifting applications with the highest lifting capacities in the industry for both porous and non-porous loads. When many of their competitors in Europe brings lifting equipment that incorporates manual balancing, UniMove Vacuum Lifters introduces a unique valve design that allows for automatic balancing of the loads. Automatic balance control enables an operator to lift the weight and move the load around the workplace without having his hands on the control. This feature is critical in the furniture and woodworking industry, where laborers are required to lift the materials and move around the workplace


  • The company provides fully integrated warehouse solutions to its customers across the globe. One of the main product categories that Ziglift offers is the different varieties of new and used pallet racking systems. Whether it is selective racking, cantilever racking, push-back systems, drive-in systems, or pallet flow, the company aims to be a single source and provider of solutions for clients’ warehouse material handling needs. It also offers other warehouse products such as boltless shelving, conveyors and carton flow, pallet jacks, and even some used material handling equipment (forklifts & order pickers), and a wide variety of safety products including column protectors, end-aisle protectors, and guard railing


  • Aristo Industries

    Aristo Industries

    Aristo Industries have unmatched ability to design and fabricate solutions to transport, protect, and display material. The company offers advanced design and prototype services, complete welded rack and cart fabrication, full service returnable foam, plastic, and plastic corrugated returnable packaging, Quantumshield Polyurea coatings, tube and joint solutions, and textile fabrication, essentially making them a one stop shop for all material handling needs

  • Cascade


    Cascade Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling equipment and related technologies. As Cascade lays the groundwork for continued growth and success, their primary objectives are to ensure customer satisfaction by continually improving the quality and value of Cascade products and services, provide all employees with challenging and rewarding opportunities to utilize their talents and experience in contributing to their shared success and earn a return on their capital that ensures the long term financial health and viability of the company